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krumpets-stg-store-front.pngAbout Krumpet's Home Decor Online

Krumpet’s is a boutique-style shopping experience like no other. Specializing in home décor, jewelry, fashion accessories, seasonal décor and gifts, Krumpet’s carries a collection of products that makes shopping with us an experience that you’ll look forward to time and again. We are passionate about offering the latest fashionable décor and accessories.  You are sure to be as impressed with our selection as you are with our prices.

Because we feel that the customer experience is the best part about Krumpet’s, our product line is constantly changing with fresh, new designs to delight and inspire you. dsc-0005-mod.jpgTime and again, people tell us how much they love the stores, the experience and the products, making it so rewarding to be a part of the communities we serve.

Just as our product line is constantly evolving, so is Krumpet’s itself. Starting out as a small, local business designing, creating and selling seasonal décor at local craft shows, the first brick and mortar Krumpet’s Home Décor store opened in Santa Clara, Utah in February, 2005. We received such an overwhelming response from customers that we opened an additional store in St. George, Utah a couple years later.

Today, Krumpet’s has fans that span across the country and in an effort to bridge the miles between our customers and our stores, Krumpet’s now presents you with this website, offering the same products and outstanding customer service that you have come to adore.  Thank you for making Krumpet’s your favorite shopping destination!